Oh it smells funny, I like it!

I woke up today to a beautiful song of rain, cool breeze breathing fresh air into my otherwise monotonous rooms. I decided to take my meditation for the day outside, to breathe in the cool fresh air as I prep up for the day. As I breath in the air I feel an eclectic mix…

Take me back

Either take me back or let every sight I behold sweep me off my feet, everyday showering us with nothing but beautiful thoughts; that the song of rain makes us all dance and that we regain the courage to face everything with a childlike grin running from ear to ear

The proles and the pandemic

The paradoxical invisibility of the plight of the migrants on one hand and their hyper-visibility on the media on the other isn't the first time this indifference and the incompetence of the upper classes and authorities at the time of an enormous humanitarian crisis has emerged